Conflict Masters

For School Owners and Instructors

  1. On-Site Coaching/Consulting Program (Premiere Program incorporating #1-6)
  2. Tele-Coaching/Consulting Packages (Leadership and Conflict Management for Owner/Staff)
  3. L.I.F.E. Line Self-Defense® Book Series (and other books for martial artists, military and more…)
  4. L.I.F.E. Line Self-Defense: Official Bullying Prevention Program (Complete Program/Compliment)
  5. Powerful PDFS! (Advanced Facilitation, Negotiation, Mediation, Coaching and much more…)
  6. Conflict Master Newsletter Subscription (Turning lost conflict dollars into revenue/retention)
  7. Social Media and Conflict Solutions (Work with your Social Media and IT staff to increase calls)

[Krav Maga and Self-Defense Seminars – see below]

Krav Maga and Self-Defense Seminars!! (

  • Krav Maga & Self-Defense Seminars (MArts School Owners/Staff/Students and/or community)
  • Krav Maga Weapons Seminars – Knife, Stick, Gun, Bat & Improvised Weapon Defense Training
  • Krav Maga Leadership – Leadership Development Program using a “Self-Defense pull-through”
  • Self-Defense and Empowerment for Women Only
  • Family, Friend and Partnering Tactics with Scenario Based Learning
  • Patriot Knife vs. Knife System
  • Private, Small Group, In-Home, University, Corporate training —
  • Others…

L.I.F.E. Line Self-Defense
®  (Books and EBooks Available)

  • L.I.F.E. Line Self-Defense: For Kids, From a Kid!
  • L.I.F.E. Line Self-Defense: Ground Techniques and More!
  • L.I.F.E. Line Self-Defense: Graduation, College-Bound and Beyond?
  • L.I.F.E. Line Self-Defense: Baby Boomers and Beyond!

L.I.F.E. Line Self-Defense
®: Official Bully Prevention Program (ask for more details)

This comprehensive ‘Plug and Play’ anti-bullying/cyber-bullying program is exactly what you are looking for, now!  You can use it as your main program or insert it into your existing program to enhance the quality and outcomes you need. Use this to create the powerful impact required to make a difference with this tough subject, where most lack academic training.  Designed by conflict management, leadership and education expert, Dave Gerber, this program will help make your school’s efforts unique, powerful and complete.  School owners will value the immediate return on their ability to deliver a life-changing experience.