The Gerber Pathway for Executives

Level In, Level Up!™

How do we improve when we are on top?

Personal GPS

What is it?

A leadership focused – spiritually-rich, hybrid approach to helping those Executives and Leaders that experience the real, sometimes repetitive feeling of conflicts and being “lonely at the top”…work toward a higher state of being on their professional journey towards elevated growth. Everyone wants to “Level Up” yet we must “Level In” and do the real work first!

My GPS – Gerber Pathway Services (Individual Offerings-Packages available)

We offer several different professional development opportunities for the specific issues executives and leaders need to address.

  1. Executive and/or Team Coaching (leadership, conflict, strategic focus, etc…)
  2. Executive and/or Leadership/Supervisory Individual Coaching (various assessments)
  3. Executive and/or Supervisory Team Training:
  • Conflict Management, Collaboration and Cost Savings
  • Advanced Conflict Management and Engagement Workshops
  • In-House “Project Management Academy” (seven to 10 PM courses)
  • Virtual Leadership — Leading and Managing Remote Teams
  • Leadership Coaching (course teaches a summary of formal coaching programs)
  • “Platform” Professional Speaking Skills for Meetings, RFP Orals
  • Preventing Hidden Costs Through EQ, empathy and trust Building
  1. Integrated Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs, Appreciative Inquiry Solutions
  2. Intermediate and Advanced Presentation Preparation and Mastery
  3. Grounded and Effective – Advanced Negotiation, Facilitation and Mediation Presence
  4. Emotional Intelligence and Personal Growth Private/Small Group Sessions
  5. The Somatic and Physical Practice of Self-Defense
  6. Reiki, Meditation and Self-Healing for Executives and Leaders
  7. Zen-Stoic Living: The Gerber Pathway Map to Self-Actualization

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