The Gerber Pathway

Level In, Level Up!™

Personal GPS

What is it?

A spiritually-rich, hybrid approach to helping individuals work toward a higher state of being on their personal journey of growth, (healing), action and new successes. Everyone wants to “Level Up” yet we must “Level In” and do the real work first!

My GPS – The Gerber Pathway Services (Individual Offerings-Packages available)

  • On-Site and/or Tele-Coaching: Life, Leadership and/or Conflict related
  • Deepening Meditation Practices and Self-Healing
  • Reiki Sessions (No Touch and/or Touch), Distance Reiki and Healing
  • Meditation and Self-Healing for Executives and Leaders
  • Time, Energy and Motivation Management
  • Intermediate and Advanced Presentation Preparation and Mastery
  • Grounded and Effective – Negotiation, Facilitation and Mediation Presence
  • Emotional Intelligence and Personal Growth Private/Small Group Sessions
  • Family, Parental and Kid Coaching (“Coachseling” instead of Counseling)
  • Men’s Only & Women’s Only Sessions (Relationships, Gender, Divorce, SAP)
  • The Somatic and Physical Practice of Self-Defense
  • Zen-Stoic Living: The Gerber Pathway Map to Self-Actualization

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